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Consumers and businesses want simpler and faster customer experience. As a boutique issuer and content creator, our expertise help clients create and manage their own special purpose payment solutions.

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DEBAARS CEO Michal Hanzel

DEBAARS team understands that each client has unique needs and strives to provide customized solutions, tailored specifically for them. Each client receives dedicated support throughout the process; from project initiation to implementation and beyond – making sure that everything runs smoothly during each step of the process. This attention to detail makes working with DEBAARS easy and stress free.

Michal Hanzel

Chief Executive Officer

The benefits of
DEBAARS‘ platform

DEBAARS’ platform is designed specifically for niche sectors and its services are vital for those with limited payment systems. As a Principal Member of Mastercard, our clients receive the latest secure payments technology, from plastic cards and digital e-wallets to Apple Pay and Google Pay functions. Additional features such as an app and web portal along with backend and front-end infrastructure ensure that clients receive comprehensive coverage for their specialized needs.

DEBAARS’ platform is simply perfect for incorporating all these aspects in one centralized system allowing companies to have essential access to reliable and secure payments technology without having to build an entire new platform from scratch.

Everything is possible

We understand that running a business can be complex and managing each aspect of it can be daunting—especially when it comes to benefits, employee or loyalty programs.

At DEBAARS, we make this process simpler by providing comprehensive management solutions that cover every aspect from creating program to tracking performance results over time. This allows our clients to gain a better understanding of which plans are working best for them. Whether they’re looking for meal vouchers, loyalty programs or cashless solutions, DEBAARS has everything clients need.

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